For Complex Metal Fabrications

Fox Valley Metal Tech understands the importance of hitting deadlines and delivering products to exacting specifications. In the world of complex metal fabrication for commercial and defense applications, projects need to run like clockwork to achieve those goals.

Project management tools, resources, and experienced personnel are critical components, and Fox Valley Metal Tech has invested heavily to ensure optimal results. Their Program Management department supports the Sales and Production teams so that programs can stay on track and customers never feel left in the dark. 

They provide:

  • Regularly scheduled order status meetings
  • Integrated master schedules
  • Technical support
  • Tracking of percentage complete and action items
  • Tracking of key dates and milestones
  • Issue resolution
  • Open communication between all parties
  • And more

Transparent communication between team members and customers is a key aspect of project management. Teams may include a lead project manager, quality engineer, key account manager, project coordinator, manufacturing planner, accountant, or other metal fabrication experts as needed.

Project Management Software

An advanced ERP system is leveraged to maintain and store all order data, map out schedules, and track touchpoints. Custom reports extract data and organize it to streamline workflows and aid in program management initiatives.

The scheduling report below is an example of a tool created by FVMT that includes all projects for a customer and the status of every item. The report is a searchable document based on description, part number, or job number. The information provided in ERP reporting might include:

  • Overall job status and routing
  • Which operations are complete and whether it is being completed to the planned schedule (green yellow, and red)
  • P.O number for subcontracted services
  • How much remaining time is required to complete the work
  • Who did completed work and  the current person working on the item
  • How much time it took for each task
  • And more
Page from Scheduling Report

On Time, On Spec, and On Budget

Fox Valley Metal Tech has the capabilities to handle projects of all types and sizes. Inquire about our project management services provided with each order, and the role they play in delivering your project on time, on spec, and on budget.

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