Complex Metal Fabrications

Since its beginning in 1989, Fox Valley Metal Tech has built its business and reputation on the ability to make high-quality complex precision fabrications to exacting standards. The company has earned nationwide recognition among commercial and defense industries for its repeatable processes, quality, and service.

Fox Valley Metal Tech develops their customer relationships through open and transparent communication to understand expectations and satisfy their quality standards.

The success of the organization is anchored by its skilled employees who are laser-focused on customer satisfaction. To help them achieve this goal, they’re provided with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and training.

  • ISO 9001-2015Certified In-House Inspectors

Quality Policy

Fox Valley Metal Tech is committed to provide metal fabrication services that satisfy our customers’ quality requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Quality Objectives

Satisfy our Customers’ Quality Requirements:

  • Returns / Occurrences
  • Percent On-Time Delivery

Continually Improve the Effectiveness:

  • Cost of Quality = Rework Costs / Sales

All employees are expected to review and demonstrate their commitment to the quality policy in their daily work. The policy is posted in prominent locations throughout the facility, and is included in orientation training given to all new employees.


Inspection Processes

Fox Valley Metal Tech understands the importance of quality and has the equipment and processes in place to achieve it. Extensive testing and inspection methods are deployed for quality assurance. Inspections occur throughout the production process, including pre-production, in-line production, final, and post-production inspection activities.

Click here to explore our inspection qualifications and methods on our Inspection page.

Since 1989

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Green Bay, WI

We are proud to serve our customers and provide the skill and services that we excel in to make them successful. Our dedication to quality as our foundation has developed partnerships with our customers that continue to deliver world-class fabrications that meet or exceed their expectations. We are proud to say "Made in America."

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