Doing things right the first, every time, is our goal on every project. It’s a level of dedication on which the business was built and has driven steady growth since 1989. What we do and how we do it continues to improve with knowledge and skills we have developed. Simply put, our capabilities and workmanship must meet customer requirements, whether that’s manufacturing a basic part or fabricating a complex weldment per AWS or Military specifications along with high precision and quality. Not only are we committed to doing the job right the first time, but we deliver on time and at a competitive price.

Welding Services

Over 30 years of producing precision parts and fabrications has produced a highly skilled welding workforce. The experience, training, and investments made to perform welding in accordance with American Welding Standards and Military Standards provides the knowledge and skills to meet our customers’ requirements. Experience with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum has required development of hundreds of welding procedures that have been reviewed and approved by our customers and their next level of approval including NAVSEA, American Bureau of Shipbuilding (ABS), or next level customers’ like Raytheon, Newport News Shipyard, Ingalls
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Precision Parts and Fabrications

Fox Valley Metal Tech has taken the best good manufacturing practices and developed processes and documentation methods that allows to produce precision parts and fabrications that meet our customers’ requirements.  Many of the items we manufacture are items that require to be made precisely for their application such as in the packaging or printing industries. These parts and fabrications need to be interchangeable with original parts supplied on custom machinery and so our documentation and manufacturing process used must produce the exact same part as the originally supplied part or fabrication.  Additionally, we produce many items for the defense industry that are fabrications that require to mate with high precision parts or electronics and must hold very tight tolerances for a weldment. FVMT’s ability to provide these services are a result of investments in design and manufacture of custom jigs & fixtures, detailed work instructions, large machining centers, development of welding shrinkage guidelines and other unique manufacturing techniques.
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Painting Services

In 2013 Fox Valley Metal Tech added painting as an in-house process. This provided more control of the products we made improving the quality and on time delivery. Many of the items produced for our customers require detailed masking and special handling to provide a product that meets their requirements. FVMT can provide painting to military specifications including CARC. Raytheon and Lockheed Martin have audited the painting systems, processes and documentation and have provided approvals or certifications to FVMT to perform painting for them.
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Quality Services

Fox Valley Metal Tech has been ISO 9001 certified since 2005 and has stayed current with the ISO Standards. Processes and equipment available allow quality requirements of our customers to be fully satisfied. “Quality at the Source” practices are taught to our employees from new employee orientation to daily monitoring by supervisors, audit teams, and management of our most experienced employees. FVMT can provide material certifications and traceability of materials, First Article Inspections, Weld Mapping, Certificate of Conformance, and other quality data package documents. The Inspection team has certificates for Level II Visual Inspection and have several Certified Welding Inspectors on staff. (ISO Certificate)
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Assembly Services

Fox Valley Metal Tech is a well-established custom metal fabricator and has built close partnerships with many of our customers. We have worked hard to establish these close relationships with the key focus of making our customers successful. We have asked what more we can do to help them be successful. This has resulted in many opportunities to provide assembly services along with the manufacturing of the metal parts and fabrications. FVMT has assembled drying equipment for the printing press industry, conveyors and machines for packaging industry, fully outfitted pilot houses for Coast Guard ships, meat grinders and cheese melters for food processing lines, installation of circuit breakers and buss bar, and hydraulically operated watertight doors to name a few examples. Let us help you be successful.
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Program Management

Fox Valley Metal Tech has the capabilities to handle projects of all types and sizes. Customers can order hundreds of line items that can be tracked, and status reports provided as needed. Open order reports that provide the history of actions and communication by date for each item on order. Projects that have complicated build plans and specialty material requirements can be setup with a program manager and team that provides weekly status meetings along with Integrated Master Schedules, tracking of percentage complete, tracking of action items, key dates, and milestones. Teams can include quality engineer, key account manager, project manager, project coordinator, manufacturing planner, and accountant or other resources as needed.
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We are proud to serve our customers and provide the skill and services that we excel in to make them successful. Our dedication to quality as our foundation has developed partnerships with our customers that continue to deliver world-class fabrications that meet or exceed their expectations. We are proud to say "Made in America."

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