Jigs and Fixtures

FVMT has utilized multiple jig and fixture designs and methods to manufacture items to customers’ requirements. Working with various metals FVMT has developed methods to accommodate for weld shrinkage and metal movement. The use of custom built fixtures or use of modular precision fixturing tools is the standard approach to manufacture items that require precision. Manufacturing multiple quantities of an items requires repeatability. The use of work instructions that provide step by step instructions to skilled workers provides the results our customers demand.

Inspection Lab and Tools 

The use of precision inspection tools that are calibrated to the NIST standards are utilized multiple times throughout the production of items to ensure precise finished product. FVMT has 3 ROMER Portable Articulated Measuring Arms that can provide reliable 3D measurements with probing point repeatability to 0.0016 inches.

The products produced for FVMT customers are used in multiple industries in both Defense and Commercial applications. High Speed Packing equipment and Printing Press require precision parts that have repeatability and are interchangeable. Defense industry application require the precision tolerances to ensure fit and assembly requirements.

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