It is the objective of Fox Valley Metal Tech to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and to prevent accidents in its operations. This objective will be carried out in accordance with company requirements and other applicable standards relative to safety, environmental health, fire prevention and protection.

Fox Valley Metal Tech will evaluate potentially hazardous situations to determine if there are different procedures or protective equipment that can be utilized to improve or eliminate the hazardous situation. Fox Valley Metal Tech will also re-evaluate existing safety policies to determine if they need to be updated to help maintain a safe working environment.

Fox Valley Metal Tech recognizes that employee cooperation is necessary to help ensure a safe working environment. It is the employees' responsibility to know and utilize existing safety policies and guidelines. Failure to follow safety policies and guidelines risks the safety of not only the individual employee but also the safety of co-workers. Communication between management and employee is also necessary to meet this goal. Fox Valley Metal Tech encourages its employees to ask questions regarding safety policies and potentially hazardous situations.

Fox Valley Metal Tech is committed to providing a safe working environment. Together we can achieve this goal.

Fox Valley Metal Tech and its employees are proud of our safety record. Fox Valley Metal Tech has had periods in excess of 1,000 days without a lost time accident.

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