When submitting an RFQ for a custom metal fabrication project, it’s critical to include as much detail as possible. Too often, however, there is missing information. This slows down the quoting process or, even worse, leads to inaccurate quotes!

Use our Metal Fabrication RFQ Guide — A Checklist of Commonly Overlooked Specifications to make sure you’ve covered all the bases. It’s broken down into easy sections and covers important topics and questions that need answers, including:

  • Materials and Specifications — Do you have specific part numbers, finishes, coatings, technical drawings, etc.?
  • Certifications and Compliance — Are there required certifications, inspections, approved suppliers, testing, or other compliance considerations?
  • Delivery — How will finished products be shipped and are there packaging requirements?
  • And much more!

Don’t skip over the many additional details that should be included in an RFQ for precision welding and fabrication, all found in our checklist. Access it now when you fill out the form.


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