5 Reasons Why A Metal Fabrication Career Is Right For You

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported more than 500,000 job vacancies in manufacturing. There’s no denying the reality and impact of the skilled labor shortage.1

Although the statistic is jarring, it’s also encouraging to those considering careers in the skilled trades. Jobs are plentiful, and there’s a lot of control over choosing a work path that is personally and professionally fulfilling.

Metal fabrication careers are popular choices because of job variety and specialized skill sets. Plus, the fabricated metal products market is solid. It is currently valued at $23.1 billion with a projected 4% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through 2031.2

On the whole, there’s a lot of upside to pursuing skilled positions in metal fabrication for women and men. But, what makes it a particularly rewarding individual career choice is the personal satisfaction derived from a job well done.


If the following 5 qualities make your must-have list for job fulfillment, you could be destined for a metal fabrication and/or assembly career.

1. Variety in job choices.

We alluded to the numerous career paths you can take in metal fabrication, but it bears repeating. Welders, engineers, CNC operators, project managers, and painters and finishers are just some of the many job opportunities available to a person seeking professional growth. There are no wrong choices — every metal fabrication career contributes to the greater good.

2. Learning and mastering skill sets.

Learning by doing is the way of the trades, and on-the-job training literally puts a fabricator’s future in her or his hands. An eye toward continuous improvement in understanding, applying, and ultimately mastering job skills fosters confidence. Cross-training in different areas makes you an even more valuable and relied-upon team member.

3. A non-routine routine.

When producing custom or complex metal fabrications — such as those Fox Valley Metal-Tech supplies for defense and commercial applications — there are rarely two days that are the same. While the exacting standards and precision work required by skilled team members must be consistent, the projects vary. Metal fabricators must be able to call upon their problem-solving skills, knowledge, and technical abilities in fresh ways to deliver solutions.

4. Making a difference.

Metal fabrication is part of a breadth of applications, spanning industries and uses. Everything from household essentials to aerospace equipment owe some part of their performance, safety, and usefulness to metal fabricators. It’s more than a pride point, it’s a difference maker. People’s lives around the world are positively impacted by your chosen line of work.

5. Advancement opportunities.

The more you learn, the higher salary you can earn. Experience, professional certifications, and desire to grow into progressively challenging positions provides the impetus behind what can be a rewarding career. Careful consideration of the company you choose to invest your time and talents in is essential. Finding your corporate fit in culture, values, and vision goes a long way to successful and satisfying advancement.

Why Fox Valley Metal-Tech?

Fox Valley Metal-Tech built its reputation on precision, quality, and commitment to ideals and customers. We also firmly believe our workers are our most valuable assets. Along with maximizing potential and encouraging growth, we promise them:

  • Honesty & Respect: Transparency is the key to any successful relationship, and the same goes for a company and its employees. Being forthcoming with information and feedback is imperative for a healthy culture. Just as critical is a sense of understanding when issues arise, and a willingness to listen and learn. 

  • Flexibility & Work/Life Balance: Because of the nature of producing custom complex applications, there are ebbs and flows in work needs — sometimes calling for more time in the shop, sometimes less. To help maintain work/life balance,  Fox Valley Metal-Tech developed options for schedule flexibility like four-day work weeks and summer hours.

  • Camaraderie & Collaboration: Employees who are tuned in, engaged, and willing to help each other reach common goals are invaluable. Fox Valley Metal-Tech fosters camaraderie and collaboration among team members on and off the shop floor. We offer many ways to get involved from wellness or safety committees to event planning and other company-sponsored activities.

  • Safe, Clean Working Conditions: Fox Valley Metal-Tech is an industry innovator in our approach to operations. We provide climate-controlled workstations, advanced HVAC systems to maintain air quality, visibility-enhancing LED lighting, and diligent protocols to ensure OSHA compliance. Employees know their safety is a priority. 

Whether your passion for metal fabrication is new or seasoned, Fox Valley Metal-Tech is eager to help you grow in a career and company you’ll love. Check out our Careers page for current openings. Better still, apply online while you’re there!

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1 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Fabricated Product Manufacturing: NAICS 332, Undated

2 Globe NewsWire, Global Fabricated Metal Market Report 2023, March 28, 2023