Completed Fox Valley Metal-Tech Expansion Brings New Opportunities

Fox Valley Metal Tech Building Expansion

A nearly 75,000-square-foot expansion at Fox Valley Metal-Tech, a precision metal fabrication company located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is complete. The addition brings the facility’s total footprint to more than 185,000 square feet, allowing the company’s entire operations to operate under one roof. 

“A big driver of the expansion is a large number of concurrent aircraft carrier projects for the Department of Defense that are earmarked for future years,” said Bryan Peters, Fox Valley Metal-Tech’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We needed the capacity to meet schedules.” 

The company routinely produces large, complex electrical enclosures and other fabricated components for use on Navy vessels, including the recently announced deployment of the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78).

Fox Valley Metal-Tech’s expansion positions them for future growth. In the past, the company had to turn away some multi-million-dollar projects due to space constraints. “Not any more,” said Peters. “Now, after going on a facility tour and seeing our manufacturing capabilities, capacity, and processes first hand, prospective defense contractors are eager to add Fox Valley Metal-Tech to their approved supplier list.”

New Capabilities and Capacity

The state-of-the-art facility improves operational efficiencies by combining three plant locations into one. The added space houses dedicated welding production lines for larger projects, and the company was able to consolidate several machines into one area to improve material flow and maximize efficiency. A dedicated assembly area was also added.

Six large cranes were purchased, with capacity to add another five cranes in the future. Additional processing, machining, and blasting equipment will also be added to further expand their production capabilities.

Previously, some inventory and their precision painting operations were housed offsite. Raw materials for their large defense programs need to be procured well in advance and restricted for their designated use. Keeping all inventory at a single indoor facility provides better controls and security

Maintaining three facilities and transporting materials back and forth to be painted also posed risks of damage and added unnecessary labor. Staging that may once have taken several hours can now be completed in a few minutes.

Improved Positioning as Employer of Choice

As competition for skilled labor increases, Fox Valley Metal-Tech understands the importance of strengthening its workforce. “Having employees under one roof rather than scattered at three locations creates better synergy among our team members,” said Peters. “We’re looking to add 20 to 30 employees in the next year, and we recognize how important sustaining and improving our culture is in recruitment efforts.”

Peters notes that in addition to highly competitive benefits, employees want a clean and safe workplace. With its well-lit, exceptionally clean, and climate-controlled environment, Fox Valley Metal-Tech’s facility dispels outdated stereotypes of the manufacturing workplace.

“We keep our facility tour-ready at any moment, which benefits employees as much as prospects,” said Peters. “We continue to make investments in our company and people. When someone joins our team, they can know that our company is positioned for growth, meaning they can grow their career, too.”

To learn more about Fox Valley Metal-Tech’s newly expanded facility or to inquire about their precision metal fabrication capabilities for defense and commercial industries, contact their team of experts today.

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