Laser Cutting

Fox Valley Metal Tech uses automation technology with the laser cutting equipment to provide quality cut parts with high precision while maximizing capacity. The two-laser system provides for robotic storage and retrieval of raw materials which allows running two types or two different thicknesses of material at the same time. The robotic loading of materials and removal of cut parts increases laser beam on time and minimizes loading, transferring, and separation of parts time. The system is equipped with 4 off-load tables with the capacity to run 44,000 pounds of material. One operator runs the system and is supported with off-line programming and nesting software. The equipment can run lights out for extended periods of time. The CO2 Resonators for the laser beams provide the power and control to cut thin to thick materials in a job shop environment.

Material Thickness Capacity:

  • Mild Steel Thickness – 1 inch
  • Stainless Steel Thickness – ¾ inch
  • Aluminum Thickness – 5/16 inch

Laser – First Position: 4500 Watts Mitsubishi 3015 eX 50

Laser – Second Position: 4000 Watts Mitsubishi 3015 LVP

Automation: Mitsubishi River System

  • 8 Towers
  • 2 Loading and Retrieval Stations
  • 91 Storage Shelves, 4600 Lbs. capacity per shelf
  • Maximum Material Thickness …1.00 inches
  • Sheet Size……. 5 ft. X 10 ft.
  • 4 Off-Load Tables, 11,000 Lbs. Capacity per Table
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