Ultrahigh Pressure Waterjet System

Fox Valley Metal-Tech's Dynamic Waterjet operates at the highest speed, with the best part precision to achieve the lowest cost per part for our customers.  Mathematical models within the Dynamic Waterjet system control the jet attack angle, optimizing the geometry and cycle time for any part, thick or thin, in any material.  Not only can the Dynamic Waterjet cut up to 400 percent faster than traditional flat-plate cutting machines, but it prevents taper that is traditionally associated with waterjet cutting.  This technology delivers more accurate parts at extremely high cutting speeds.

Even, accurate parts

  • Automatically tilts the cutting head depending on material and part
  • 3D motion of tilted cutting head eliminates taper
  • Improves inside corners due to robotically altered entrance and exit angles
  • Angling of the jet eliminates the cone effect
  • Leaves a burr-free finished edge and no heat affected zone
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