Vipros 357 Queen - High Speed Hydraulic Turret Punch Press
Advanced Tooling Design

  • Air blow/oil mist tools automatically lubricate all moving surfaces, maximizing tool life and reducing maintenance
  • Energy efficient tooling provides rapid tool length adjustment for maximizing hit rates by eliminating unnecessary ram movements

Quiet Operation

  • Unique servo controlled hydraulic ram cycle minimizes unplanned production interruptions
  • Brush table design minimizes positioning noise and provides scratch-free processing

High-Speed Punching

  • 520 HPM maximum and 275 HPM on 1" centers achieved through highly responsive, servo controlled hydraulic ram
  • High-speed table positioning of 4,229 IPM

High Quality Forming

  • Variable dwell time at bottom of stroke provides high quality, press brake-like forming, often eliminating secondary processing
  • Electronic adjustment simplifies setup of progressive forms, flanges, and embossments

Punch and Form Option

  • Enhanced forming operations
  • Maximum form height of 0.787"
  • Punching tools can be used next to forming tools
  • Three forming methods available to accommodate most types of forming operations
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