FVMT’s reputation for quality has spread throughout the local region and has been passed on by our customers to their customers. The reputation has spread from coast to coast and often our customer’s customers are recommending their supply base to go Fox Valley Metal Tech for custom precision metal fabrications. The success of FVMT is its standard of excellence which provides our customers the products they need to also be successful.

The success of the organization is anchored by the skilled employees who are provided state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and training in an environment that is focused on customer satisfaction. FVMT has built its business on the ability to make quality, custom precision sheet metal parts and fabrications. The business growth has continued every year since the start of the business in 1989.

“Our quality policy speaks to the customer’s quality requirements”

Fox Valley Metal Tech develops relationships with our customers that allow for communications that ensure the definition of quality is known by both parties. Fox Valley Metal Tech prides itself in making sure we satisfy our customer’s quality requirements.

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Fox Valley Metal Tech has expanded its capabilities over the years by continually investing in the business. The equipment purchases have been made to match our customers’ and potentially new customers’ needs. Manufacturing equipment has been selected to be versatile, reliable, state-of-the-art equipment that can provide the accuracy, precision, and repeatability needed to produce custom precision parts and fabrications.

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Fox Valley Metal Tech is a job shop that works with many customers and their employees including, Supply Chain personnel, Engineers, Quality, Business Development Managers, Program Managers, and others. Customers are typically looking for metal fabrication suppliers that can make their parts but often with something extra to meet their needs. FVMT has built it capabilities around those metal parts and fabrications as well as those extras. FVMT’s capabilities in welding services, precision parts and fabrications, painting services, Quality services, Assembly services, and Program Management have proven to be some of the critical capabilities our customers have needs for.

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Fox Valley Metal Tech has grown from a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in 1989 to a 110,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. The additions were done in conjunction with our customers growth, a need for space to add more capabilities, and with a vision of growing the business. The facility is organized with manufacturing spaces to accommodate key manufacturing skills like laser cutting, press brake operations, machining, welding, assembly, and inspection. Additional space is available for large projects and is versatile, reconfigurable, and has multiple bridge cranes to support lifting and moving of product and equipment.

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Since 1989

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Green Bay, WI

We are proud to serve our customers and provide the skill and services that we excel in to make them successful. Our dedication to quality as our foundation has developed partnerships with our customers that continue to deliver world-class fabrications that meet or exceed their expectations. We are proud to say "Made in America."

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